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There is a lot of confusion with different skincare terminologies from toners to essence to serums. SKINSPLASH is introduced to avoid any such confusion and provides transparency by giving in depth details as to what your skin needs and how each ingredient can help. Adding Skinsplash to your skincare regime gives the boost your skin needs. It is very important to know what your skin needs before you introduce a new product.

What is it?

SOOTHE is curated with ingredients to help your skin recover from any damage that has been caused due to external factors. Every ingredient handpicked for each of SOOTHE products are meant to help with sunburn , rash, extreme dry skin etc.


Skin Concerns:

SOOTHE will help your skin deal with the damages caused during the day, with active ingredients that help soothe your skin.

By using SOOTHE , your skin :

  1. Lighten tan and skin tone caused due to sun damage.

  2. Restore moisture that is zapped due to heat.

  3. Antioxidants blocks the effects of free radicals and prevents breakage of collagen and elasticity of your skin.

  4. Gets rid of dead ,darkened skin cells that hang around and cause your skin to look blotchy and uneven.


Purpose of the ingredients:

MILK + QUINOA : This power combinations is perfect choice for the first SOOTHE product. Milk in itself is a powerhouse of vitamins and antioxidants , and by adding Quinoa this combination is invincible.

MILK: It contains vitamin A,D,B6,B12 , protein, lactic acid etc which is extremely beneficial to the skin by fighting flaky skin, dark spots, uneven skin tone. It helps maintain a healthy glow to the skin making it youthful, radiant and slow aging process.

QUINOA: It is extremely high in antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals  and prevent skin damage. Vitamin A in quinoa can help stimulate the skin to produce new collagen over time ,which reduces the appearance of fine lines and strengthen skin.




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