what we believe

We believe in practicing radical openness, where everyone comes as they are and is celebrated for it. Everyone's journey in beauty is unique, so our needs are unique. We shouldn't have to settle; we should be able to choose what's best for us with information and agency.


Beauty doesn't have to be a surface level world. We don't think that. We know you don't either. 

at the core We want to create products that nourish the skin and the soul. 

What we're building

We all, at the end of the day, want to belong and have a sense of community. The internet has made that both harder and easier. We want to actively make it easier for each of us to connect.


We want to build a community - safe space for beauty. A space where people gather to engage, learn, and propel each other forward.

who we are

Meet SAI

I truly believe that we are the sum of the places we’ve lived, the people that we met, and all of the experiences we’ve had. Being South Asian, raised in the Middle East, and now living in the US, I’ve seen identities and the expression of those identities take many forms, but I want to be part of a community where expression isn’t dictated by race, gender, sexuality, etc, but simply our desire to express it, freely. 
I wear makeup to express who I am and I want everyone to have the ability to redefine beauty for themselves.

Together as “ANOMALIES” we can redefine beauty for ourselves.

- Sai Menon, CEO 

Meet Anjana

Beauty is political and personal. Trying to figure out what beauty means to me was a lonely journey. The lack of inclusivity and options in the industry and not much guidance from my community left me lost and confused. But, I became obsessed with figuring it out. 

I don't think this journey of self discovery should be a solo trip. We want to know others are on it too, share stories and connect. I want to create a beauty village, a safe space for everyone to engage and learn, and leave a legacy.

- Anjana Raj, CCO   ​




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