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The multipurpose skin-nourishing tonic to simplify your skincare routine. 

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"Not everything works for everyone. You gotta find what works for you." 

- Anoma


 a quick spritz to wake you up in the morning

like a toner 

like an essence before moisturizer 

before and after a workout

mist on-the-go whenever you need it 


for skin prone to dehydration 

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for skin prone to redness 


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for improving skin tone and texture

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for acne prone skin


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for sun exposure and environmental stressors 

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we know you do your part. we do too.

All of our products are made with putting your needs first. That means they are:

ethically sourced



naturally derived

cruelty free

anomalies irl

what does beauty mean to you?

Mariel, Chicago

"Beauty to me is really just giving myself space to grow in all the ways I want to. It's seeing beauty in others. It's recognizing that my beauty is mine and different from someone else's."

Kenney, L.A.

"Beauty is being comfortable in your own skin and embracing who you are and who you are meant to be."

Maha, Rochester

"Beauty is about being honest. Being honest with myself to understand that beauty is not defined by someone's physical appearance but instead of, a combination of ones inner self and confidence"

Krish, UK

"Beauty is the unbridled yearning to reveal one's truth without fear of consequence."

Reva, NYC

"Understanding beauty is to understand yourself, so expressing beauty is expressing yourself."

what we stand for

Anoma strives to give you products that fit your unique needs and identities, whether you know exactly what you want or want our help figuring it out.


We want to build a community - safe space for beauty. A space where people gather to engage, learn, and propel each other forward. 

"Inclusion is not just being invited to the party, but being asked to dance."

Kechia, chicago




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